Chasing waterfalls in North Carolina | North Carolina Outdoor Travel

Have you ever had a vacation where you come back home and think to yourself, “I wish I had done more of that” – could be a place you visited briefly, an activity that you did that left you wanting more or even a food that you relished so much that you want to eat it every day. Basically, an experience that was so fantastic that you wish you would relive it every moment of every day!

Well, let me tell you what has now become one of my most favorite activities – Chasing waterfalls! – and I mean that in its literal meaning. I LOVE WATERFALLS.

There is something so magical about hiking up to a waterfall, walking under it and even driving your car through it. The strength and beauty of a cascading waterfall is awe inspiring. In spite of the sheer force of the water tumbling down great heights, there is a sense of calm that you get from just staring at the water flowing down. The mist falling on your face cools and soothes you. All your problems momentarily disappear – almost being washed away by the water.

Did you know that the Cherokee Indians had a ritual of “going to the water” to wash off all their sins ?

On a recent trip to the Carolinas (see an earlier post about hiking the appalachian trail), we spent a whole day visiting waterfalls. Some we drove to, others we hiked down steep, treacherous inclines to get to and yet some we passed by while driving curvy mountain roads. But each glimpse that we got of the cascading water, we were left in awe of its wonders.

Thank you mother nature for a “natural” and “free” car wash! 🙂

This one was called “Dry falls” – can you guess why? Look closely and you will see the walkway behind the falls. You can actually walk under the fall and even though the water above you is so fast flowing, you are absolutely dry!

This one was completely off the beaten path. We hiked about 1 mile into a national forest and followed this cascading waterfall all the way to a base pool – another mile into the forest + about 1000 feet down! – it was so magical and there was not a soul around to witness this miracle (except us, of course)!

We drove through some very windy mountain roads and imagine our suprise when we saw a huge waterfall as we reached a bend. It seems to go on for miles and miles and dropped into a steep gorge.

The kids love the “left-and-right” falls (as they called it). The hike down was steep and we only had a rope to support us but the view was incredible. We could not decide which was more beautiful, the one on the left or the one on the right!

Did you know NC has the highest waterfall east of the rockies?

Perhaps some of this waterfall obsession came from the one in our own backyard. Our home away from home was a mountain home that has its own waterfall on the property! – we walked to it every day!

Feel free to contact us if these pictures motivate you to go chase waterfalls too 🙂 – the experience will be well worth the effort. We will be happy to put together a custom travel package for an awesome experience.