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Oh, What a magical time of year! – It’s the season and it is almost upon us – only 24 days to go :). So it is only natural that for this month’s blog post, my photographer friends and I are exploring how we each view the holidays.

Christmas Ornaments Photos

In the MJ family, traditions are still evolving as we transition between an 8 year old and a 4 year old. But for the past few years, there are somethings that we seem to always do. Simple things that are slowly becoming a “tradition” in our household.

December starts off with writing letters to Santa

A few years back, Ms. N decided that Santa was probably so busy with all the kids in the world that she would write him a detailed letter  specifically outlining all the good deeds and good choices that she had made all year long. This tradition continues and this year a certain 4 year old is very anxious to get in on the writing!

Decorating our tree with handmade goodness

This artificial tree has been with us for 14 years 🙂 That, in itself, is a tradition 🙂 Every year, we add hand made ornaments to the tree. Before the kids were born, we adorned it with ornaments made by our nieces and nephews – proudly displaying it center stage on the tree. Now a days, we add our own handmade figurines and ornaments. It looks so beautiful decorated with precious childhood memories!

Cookies and Carrots for Santa and his crew

It is a tradition to bake cookies for Santa. Apparently, he LOVES chocolate cookies 🙂 Two years ago, an observant 6 year old decided that the reindeer do so much work and are often forgotten. So we started leaving oats and carrots for the reindeer! and boy, do they appreciate the attention!

Gifts decorated with handmade tags – all the way from the North Pole 🙂

A little escape after Christmas

Once all the flurry of activity has ceased, the MJ family like to hit the road! (we really don’t need an excuse ;)) But this is our time to reflect on the year gone by and start the new year right with new adventures. It is a tradition that the adults look forward to more than the kids.

Please follow along my friend Carol’s holiday traditions post to see how she views holiday traditions..


stefanie - i hate, hate, hate wrapping gifts so i’m doubly impressed that you hand make the gift tags!! and i love that get-away idea. where do you go?

Kelly - What a cozy post! I am so excited for the holidays!

Julie M - Karthika I love the storytelling aspect of this! Are these from last year or are you just super organized? Your children are so lucky to have these beautiful traditions!

Katie Jackson - It feels like the holidays now! Love this personal post:)

Emily - Love how homey everything seems and how you really get the little ones involved in the process.

jenn of hello inspira - FUN! cant wait to start working on our traditions too;)