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Who doesn’t LOVE surprises!! – I always have and I always will. There is something just so thrilling about getting a surprise present. It doesn’t really matter what it is? As long as it is a surprise.

When Heidi from my blog circle mentioned doing a secret santa for our little blog circle group of photographer friends, I think I must have responded “yes” even before she finished typing. And I think my blog circle friends all must love surprises because everyone signed up within the hour!!! 🙂 🙂

Christmas Tree with Lights and Blokeh

As part of the gift giving process, we used Elfster. We don’t know who is who’s secret santa and are using this month’s blog circle post for the big reveal!!! – How Exciting! – I cannot wait to read everyone’s post along the blog circle.

My secret santa was highly efficient – my gift arrived really early and I had to really control myself to not open it ahead of time. 

Christmas Tree with Lights and Gifts Photo

When I saw the little note attached to the gift box…I was in love! – It really didn’t matter what was inside…my secret santa had taken the time to read my Memorable Jaunts Website, specifically my About me section and took notes. She then went shopping and got me something that was “totally me”. My note said “use it to enjoy chai while camping” 🙂 – my two favorite things covered!

Christmas gift wrapping photosCamping Kettle PhotosGreen Camping Kettle Photos

I love my new camping kettle….It is green with a stainless steel base, it can be used on a camp stove, on an electric stove or a gas stove!…and best of all, it folds up nice and tidy – perfect for camping….Thank you so much Marlo, my secret santa!…This is just the perfect gift for me 🙂 :). My secret santa recipient lives all the way across the seven seas 🙂 – follow along to Camille’s post to see her secret santa big reveal!

Cam - What a perfect gift! Marlo definitely took the time for this. Great job, Marlo! Thank you, Karthika for my gift card. I havent used it yet but I will use it soon for something special.

Julie - Wow, that gift could not be more perfect! As usual, I love your photos and the wonderful storytelling style that you have with your posts!

Heidi Howard - How cool is that!!! very neat and so thoughtful!!

Marlo Yoshimoto - So thrilled you loved it!!! I love camping and chai too, so it just clicked with me when I saw it!! Hope you have a wonderful Holiday!

Kimberly - What a super neat gift and I don’t think she could have found something more perfect for you! Beautiful images!

nadeen - Wow! What a thoughtful gift! So perfect for you!

carol - What a sweet gift! I love our little circle!

How I View My Secret Santa » Camille King Photography | Philippines - […] left her name in the email sent to me so I found who she was before the big reveal. Thank you, Karthika! As for me, I sent a gift to Brigette. She loves knitting and quilting. I always admire her […]

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