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The wonderful thing about collaborating with other creative people is that you are bound to come up with ideas that tend to make you step outside your comfort zone. I blogged about this earlier – the benefits of being open and honest about your business with other small business owners. Little did I know that our little blog circle of fellow photographer would come together and rework the format of our month blog circles.

This year our blog circle is going to explore common photography terms along with various subjects. First up is “Nature and Bokeh”. If you don’t know what “Bokeh” is, here is the official definition

In photographybokeh (Originally /ˈbkɛ//ˈbk/ boh-kay — also sometimes heard as /ˈbkə/ boh-kəJapanese: [boke]) is the blur, or the aesthetic quality of the blur, in out-of-focus areas of an image. Bokeh has been defined as “the way the lens renders out-of-focus points of light”.

Simply put, it is a way to blur out the background around the primary subject to make the subject stand out and focus the eye on that subject – the buttery smooth background with the crisp clear foreground 🙂

Dual color Purple White Lilac Photos

There are many schools of thought on how to achieve bokeh but one of the key elements is to use a large/wide aperture. Wide aperture is the lowest f-stop number on your lens. I know it feels contradictory that a large aperture could be a small number but remember that the f-stop is essentially a fraction number. Hence smallest denominator equals largest fraction. Aperture is the amount of light that enters the camera – wide aperture is essentially maximum light.

Bokeh is used in conjunction with various subject – here are a series of nature images with beautiful bokeh. It works best when you want to isolate the subject away from distracting backgrounds!

White Cherry Blossoms Spring time PhotosWhite Cherry Blossoms Macro Spring PhotosPurple Lilacs Spring Flowers PhotosPurple Lilacs Spring Time PhotosDual Color Lilacs Spring Time PhotosWhite Lilacs Spring Time PhotosYellow Tulips Spring Time PhotosFall time multi colored leaves photos

Memorable Jaunts - Illinois White Dandalion 01

Tall Grass covered with snow photosTall Grass Covered with Snow PhotosPine trees covered with snow photos

 Please follow along to my friend Heidi’s page to see her images featuring nature and bokeh!

Emily - As soon as I saw the topic I knew your post would be amazing…and I was RIGHT! Great job!

Heidi Howard - Karthika, you always have such beautiful images. I mean truly beautiful. Whether its people, animals, flowers or food. Just simply breathtaking.

stefanie - Beautiful! Those colorful leaves are my favorite though. They remind me of Fall.

Marlo Yoshimoto - Geez Karthika! ALL OF THE ABOVE LOL The leaf with the drop though -love it!!

carol - Beautiful pictures Karthika! First one is my fav!!!

Nadeen - Love all of these Karthika, but the lilacs are my favorite!

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