Featured Fall Garden Inspired Bridal Portraits Chicago Wedding Photographer

You know the feeling when you have an idea in your head and it just wouldn’t go away. The idea that inspite of being buried under the mundane nuances of everyday life seems to rear it’s head in the most inconvenient of times – like 2.00am when you happen to get up to go to the bathroom, 3.00pm when you are in the car line to pick up the kids from school and you know it’s ‘mommy’ time and nothing else or 8.00pm when you are just sitting down for dinner after a crazy busy day. Yes, that idea…that’s what I am talking about. Being a wedding and portrait photographer along with a full-time mom, these ideas can be quite dangerous – LOL

If you have ever had one of those nagging pestering ideas in your head that you know if fulfilled would be great, no wait, better than great, it would be awesome, you know exactly what went into the most amazing photographic experience of my life 🙂 🙂

I literally fell off my chair when I read the email from Lemonade and Lens that they were going to feature this early fall garden inspired bridal shoot. To say a lot went into this photoshoot would be an understatement. You know, if I were to add up all those 2.00am, 3.00pm and 8.00pm conversations with myself, it could easily add up to a whole month of thought – LOL

It started off as an idea, a desire to create something fresh, beautiful and inspiring. Something that I could see myself photographing. I immediately knew it had to be outdoor bridal portraits with simple vintage and rustic elements (if you have been following my work, you know that is totally me). Once I had these elements narrowed down, the powers that be seemed to make everything else come together. I thank all the amazing friendships I have made through my photography – Kelly from A Joyful Occasions had the perfect dress, Denise, the perfect florals to accompany the bridal portrait session and my dear friend Pia from PrettyByPia was already researching fall beauty trends that would be prefect for this photoshoot. A single text message confirmed my model and a simple word about my vision secured one of the most beautiful garden spaces in Naperville Illinois. See, I told you the stars were alined :). A handmade table from recycled pellets that I just happen to buy a week before the photoshoot, a vintage gold mirror and simple gold jewelry from my mother-in-law added the right amount of bling. Martha Steward I am not, but I am quite proud of my simple cake. Hours researching calligraphy techniques gave me the right amount of confidence to pull off a simple poem in gold lettering! – when all else fails, you tube will be your saving grace!!

I am a firm believer that if you want something put it out there for the universe to hear, if it is really meant to happen, it will! 🙂 – A huge thank you to Lemonade and Lens for featuring this fall inspired bridal photo session – you can see the feature here.


Dress : A Joyful Occasions Bridal Boutique

Florals: Walden Florals

MUA: PrettybyPia

Model: Lydia Schmidt

Cake, Calligraphy, and Styling: Karthika Gupta of Memorable Jaunts

Photography: Memorable Jaunts

Location: Private residence in Naperville, IL



karthika - Jen – sorry to have missed your message. Can you please message me using the contact form on my website? or at info@memorablejaunts.com

thank you

J - Hello,

I need Headshots for my business. That being said Ivwant them to look natural and be outdoors. Can you send you price list, timeframe, and turnaround for images.

Thank you!