Celebrate Your Every Success

Wow! It is almost the end of the year with a few weeks to go. As I look back on what a roller coaster 2014 has been, I am amazed to have made it this far with only a few additional grey hairs. Yes, I did crawl along the way many times – but none the less, made it! 🙂

Family Toasting Each other with Champaign Chicago Wedding and Family Photographer Memorable Jaunts

Photographically as well as personally, this year has been one of many challenges, triumphs and setbacks. More on that at a later date, but today I just want to bring out the bubby and celebrate the journey 🙂 – Being a full time wedding and portrait photographer in Naperville, a community with many talented photographer is worth celebrating!

My glass is full so join me and raise a glass to yourself (virtual toasts are accepted). You deserve it, you have earned it. Treat yourself – why, because you are awesome and you have accomplished a lot this year.

I don’t care what it is…small or big…celebrate your successes, no matter what they are

– the wedding you planned all by yourself

– the first home you just moved into

-the pet you opened your home and heart to

-the clients you have served

-the people you connected with

-the milestones you have achieved in your business

-the holiday shopping you have completed (or not 🙂 )

-the cookies you have burnt (ahem, baked)

-the friends you have made or re-connected with

…and know that all over the world, there are people just like you who have been victorious in 2014 – so, here’s a glass to you!

Celebrate your successs Chicago Wedding and Portrait Photographer

What else are you celebrating??? – Feel free to comment and kept the list going 🙂