My wonderful world of imperfections – Film Wedding Photography

You know the feeling when you see something and you absolutely have to have it. The feeling of sheer wanting…not need, but want!

A few months ago I got introduced to the world of film photography. Yes, you heard me correct, film…the same film photography from the 80’s and 90’s and prior. I have been a 100% digital Wedding and Family portrait photographer ever since I started Memorable Jaunts. But I was intrigued that people would want to go back to photographing film in spite of having the latest and greatest digital gear there is.

The more I researched and stalked online forums about film photography, the more I came to appreciate the drive to master film. In my mind, the core essence of film is imperfection, the grain – and let me tell you, the feeling of imperfections in one’s work is so incredibly liberating. It is no longer about the perfect light, perfect exposure or the perfect focus – at least not to me. To me, its about capturing the raw and the authentic and film brings out all of that so much more than digital.

There is so much more to film photography that I ever imagined. The outcome of your images are not just a function of the camera, it depends on your skills as a photographer, the film stock you use, the lighting, and the lab that processes your images. I will not go into those nuances – there are so many amazing film photographer who are a lot more qualified to answer those questions. What I do know is that film humbles me. All my experience behind the camera goes out the window and I feel vulnerable. The inability to correct or fix my settings after a single frame scares me but at the same time grounds me. It is no longer a trial-and-error, checking the histogram or even the feeling of ‘I can adjust it in post-production’. I have to really take the time to think of the picture before I click the shutter.

In lieu of this, much to the chagrin of my husband, I purchased a used Canon EOS 1V, some Fuji400H film and lugged it along a recent winter inspired wedding photoshoot that I participated in. I could barely use the entire roll of film, I was so nervous. The film sat on my desk for a good two weeks before I had the nerve to send it in to be developed. But what I saw come out of these film wedding photographs gives me a lot of hope. In my naivety, I like what I see, the tones, colors and the imperfections of soft focus and grain 🙂 🙂 – I am hungry for more and hope to get better at it in 2015 – perhaps it should be one of my goals – LOL

Posting these images on the web for the world to see makes me vulnerable. I know these are completely imperfect – some are soft in focus, some have too much grain and some are not the perfect crop – but this whole exercise was about going back to basics, breaking the rules and loving all the imperfections – I know I have a lot to learn in with Film Photography but I love these imperfections! – isn’t that what life is all about? – LOL

Organized by: Metts Photo and Vision of Elegance

Designed and Styled by: Vision of Elegance

Bridal Dress: Mignoette Bridal, Dress Design: Amanda Archer

Cakes: Magnolia Bakery

Invitation: Amanda Day Rose Paperie

Plates and Rental: Rent Vintage Chicago

Linen: Nuage Designs, INc

Venue: Skyline Loft Chicago

Photography: Memorable Jaunts

Models: Alana and Mike