Broad Lighting Techniques in Photography

Wow! It feels great to be back in the saddle in terms of blogging. And even more special is the fact that my first blog post for 2015 is with my favorite group of ladies, my blog circle with my fellow photographers. This year we are exploring various aspects of Light.

Light is such an integral part of any image. For a wedding and family photographer like myself, the quality, intensity and even the direction of light can make or break an image especially portraits. This month we are looking at ‘Broad Lighting’.

Broad Lighting is a lighting technique when a subject is positioned such that the main light is directed at the side of the face that is closest to the camera. Typically broad lighting is achieved when the subject is placed parallel to the light source and the subject is facing away from the camera at about a 45 degree angle. Here are some examples of broad lighting.

Follow along my talented friend Nadeen Flynn, a Landscape and Fine Art  Photography’s blog to see her take on Broad Lighting.


Josh - Thank you soo much for sharing this. It helps greatly to see different examples of the same lighting techniques so you can really see what is going on. The one of the bride on the stone stairs is awesome! Thank you again!

Erika - Love all these examples of broad light, stunning portraits!

Nadeen - I’ve missed seeing your work! Beautiful!

stefanie - That 5th image is my fave – stunning!!!

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